AEON Environmental Foundation


Organizational profile: 
AEON Environmental Foundation (AEON) is a philanthropic organization based in Japan. Since their establishment, to address ever-changing global environmental issues they have been engaged in various activities, such as participating in the Rio Summit, collaborating with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), supporting international frameworks such as SDGs education, and providing grants for environmental activities. 
One of their flagship projects is AEON Forest Program. In cooperation with local volunteers around the world, AEON has planted a total of over 12.23 million trees in forests destroyed by logging and natural disasters to date. The tree-planting sites have been transformed into forests full of life, where greenery has regenerated and a variety of organisms thrive, and today, in addition to tree planting, the program has evolved into an activity to nurture and utilize trees. 


Financing Instrument: Grants 
Project scale: AEON is providing partial grants of total of 100 million yen per year to organizations that are actively engaged in environmental activities around the world, with the aim of protecting the precious and rich natural environment and building a sustainable society. 
Recipient countries regions/country groups: Global 
Recipient categories: NGOs, Non-for-profit Organizations (NPOs)
Eligibility Criteria: NPOs/NGOs that are actively engaged in environmental conservation activities around the world 
Application guidelines: 
Please contact for further information. 

Publication Date
Sunday, 27 March 2022
Applicable location
Forest conservation and management
Forest landscape restoration
Climate change
Biodiversity conservation
Financing opportunities