GCF Readiness Knowledge Bank


The Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Knowledge Bank (RKB) is an online platform to share data, information, knowledge, and lessons learned from the GCF's Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme (RPSP). The knowledge and data presented in this platform are generated throughout the Readiness Programme cycle from origination to project completion.

It provides easy access to a curated collection of relevant content in a one-stop platform that serves GCF stakeholders, including but not limited to:

  • Countries, Readiness Delivery Partners, accreditation applicants, Accredited Entities, and potential project proponents
  • Climate finance donors
  • Other climate funds, UNFCCC, Civil Society Organisations, and academia
  • GCF Secretariat

The RKB intends to:

  • Enable countries to easily access general information about the RPSP and refer to other countries’ success stories to improve their countries’ readiness programming.
  • Support DPs, AEs, and accreditation applicants in knowledge efforts with respect to the benefits and potential support of the RPSP that may serve their needs. They can also use the RKB as a venue to promote their success stories.
  • Optimize information sharing and dissemination for stakeholders including donors to enable them to access information about the RPSP in an effective manner. This includes how it facilitates climate actions and capacity building of countries and project partners as the RKB presents evidence-based results as well as testimonials from implementation.

The RKB features extensive information and data in the four menus as follows:

  • Results: Readiness dashboards on the portfolio performance and project data and Data Stories which feature visualizations of Readiness results  
  • Success Stories: details on the journeys to empowerment and climate action of countries and delivery partners funded through Readiness support  
  • Tools and guidance: guiding documents and templates curated to assist audience understand and navigate the GCF processes across the seven stages of the Readiness programme cycle 
  • Policies, research and evaluation: GCF Board decisions and policies, and IEU studies related to the Readiness Programme 
Publication Date
Monday, 15 May 2023
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