The Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force


Organizational profile:

The Governors’ Climate & Forests (GCF) Task Force is a subnational collaboration of 43 states and provinces working to protect tropical forests, reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and promote realistic pathways to forest-maintaining rural development. It is the world’s largest platform for states and provinces committed to this mission. 

The GCF Task Force facilitates subnational leadership to reduce deforestation and advance inclusive, equitable, low-emissions development in states and provinces and across entire regions. It promotes partnerships with public and private sector stakeholders at multiple levels—from business and supply chain leaders to Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

In 2015, the Norwegian Government pledged NOK 200 million (approximately USD 24 million) to support tropical forest states and provinces in their plans reduce tropical deforestation and promote low-emissions development. This funding was channeled directly to members in two ways:

Under funding Window A, all tropical forest members of the GCF Task Force joined with key civil society partners in their state or province to develop targeted jurisdictional strategies and investment plans for REDD+ and low-emissions development. 

Window B is supporting a select group of bold, innovative approaches to address the drivers of deforestation at scale in key member states and provinces. Window B support is directed at interventions that are identified in the GCF Task Force members’ jurisdictional strategies and investment plans completed under Window A. Approximately USD 5 million is administered through the Innovation Funding Window based on a competitive selection process.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) administers and manages the Jurisdictional Strategies and Investment Plans (Window A) and Innovation Funding (Window B) through their Climate and Forests Team in Geneva, in close collaboration with the GCF Task Force Secretariat, Regional Coordinators, and civil society partners in each member state or province.

Financing Instrument: Grants

Project scale: Funding Window A provides grants of up to US$400,000. Funding under Window B supports proposals over $US500,000.

Recipient countries regions/country groups: Global

Recipient categories: Governments, NGOs/NPOs, Businesses, Universities

Last updated: 10 October 2023


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