Idea Wild


Organizational profile:
Idea Wild (IW) is a nonprofit organization that provides small equipment grants and supplies in support of biodiversity conservation to conservation professionals in developing countries. IW receives equipment requests daily, 50 -70 requests/month, and prioritizes them based on conservation impact, recipient need, and project location. An additional consideration is given to projects in areas identified as critical biodiversity hotspots. 

IW grants serve areas where support is needed most and advance biological research, conservation education, community outreach, conservation management, field training and professional development. For example, IW has awarded grants to the Assessment of Forest Landscape Loss and Restoration Opportunities in Ghana and Bawombi Forest Reserve Management in the Tshopo Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For 30 years, IW has served 21,114 projects and supported 7,038 recipients in 140 countries.


Financing Instrument: Grants


Project scale:
The total cost of the applicant’s equipment must be under $1500.


Recipient countries regions/country groups: Global


Recipient categories:
University Professors and Students, Conservation NGOs, and others whose professional focus is conservation biology


Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants’ project proposal can be the one prepared for their BS, MS, Ph.D., independent research, NGO/NPO, Park program, etc.
IDEA WILD accepts requests from ALL* countries, with priority consideration given to those with: 

  • a strong practice-based biodiversity conservation aspect
  • direct involvement with nationals of the country where the project takes place (if the applicant is a non-national, it is best to have a country national apply or co-apply)
  • plans to further use (recycle) equipment after the project is completed
  • a valid US contact who can receive and transport the applicant’s equipment

*NOTE: IW awards grants to conservationists in under-resourced countries and/or working in biodiversity hotspots. Supporting US-based projects is generally not in IW’s mission but IW welcomes hearing from tribal and marginalized communities in the US, and from conservationists from the Global North working globally with country nationals.   


Application guidelines:
Applicants can apply for IW equipment following these THREE STEPS:

  1. Download Application Guidelines. Read thoroughly and review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). IDEA WILD will only review and approve complete application materials so please follow these guidelines carefully.
  2. Download the Application Form (choose either Word Document or PDF).
  3. Email the complete application materials to An email reply will be sent to the applicant to confirm receipt of their materials within 10 working days.

IW requires 3-6 months to review and approve application documents. A start date less than 6 months away will not be approved. Be thorough - if IW’s review committee has to ask for additional information, it will delay IW’s decision.

Application materials must include the following items:

  • IDEA WILD application form (use only version October 2021) that must be written in English
  • Project proposal (English is preferred when available but if it is written in the applicant’s native language, please submit that version).  NOTE: applicants’ project proposal must relate to practice-based biodiversity conservation, research, or education. 
  • One-page summary of applicants’ project proposal that must be written in English
  • Applicants' resume or curriculum vitae
  • A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s advisor (only if the applicant is a student)
  • Requested Equipment form. It is important to include detailed descriptions of the requested equipment, as well as the name, website address - with item number - of the company that sells each item.
  • If possible, please include a photo of the target species or habitat
Publication Date
Monday, 28 March 2022
Applicable location
Forest conservation and management
Biodiversity conservation
Forest landscape restoration
Financing opportunities