Mapping forest finance: a landscape of available sources of finance for REDD+ and climate action in forests


In this report, Environmental Defense Fund and Forest Trends map the landscape of the available sources of funding for climate action in forests, with a focus on REDD+, through 2017.

To provide a comprehensive overview of the different sources of REDD+ finance, the report first defines the three phases of REDD+, and then provides a summary of the various finance sources, types, and mechanisms. The report then describes the sources of finance available for each phase of REDD+, including the funding type, the amount initially provided and the amount remaining, the funding mechanism used for resource distribution, eligibility criteria, scale, access parameters, the scope of each funding source, and notable challenges with accessing funds from each source. Next, the report highlights salient challenges with and opportunities for accessing and coordinating finance for REDD+ specifically, and climate action in forests more broadly. Lastly, to provide a visual representation of the landscape of funding sources for REDD+ and climate action in forests, the report includes an infographic in Annex 1 that shows the sources of finance and funding mechanisms that correspond to each REDD+ phase.

IUCN, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Forest Trends US
Publication Date
Wednesday, 21 February 2018
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Climate change
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