Private Financing for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Products in Developing Countries—Trends and Drivers

Document Summary: 

The objective of the study is to provide updated, comprehensive information to inform global dialogue on the role of private financing for Sustainable Forest Management, including forest plantation development, and to the production of forest products. This report (i) reviews what private forest sector financing data are available, (ii) provides a snapshot of different financing flows in the forest sector, (iii) improves our understanding of challenges related to forest financing, and (iv) presents a roadmap for better information and improved access to finance. The scope of the report is forestry and forest industry investments in developing and emerging countries, with more focus on foreign direct investment than on domestic investments, mainly due to data constraints. The target audience includes the national governments in developing countries, donor agencies, international finance institutions with particular reference to the World Bank Group, other stakeholders of the United Nations Forum on Forests, and other forest finance practitioners.

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Thursday, 21 August 2014
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Forest conservation and management
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