Public-private-civic partnerships for sustainable landscapes


The aim of this Practical Guide is to share various organizations’ experiences in developing multi-stakeholder initiatives with strong private sector engagement and effective governance systems that promote sustainable land and water management not only at farm but also at landscape scale.
Effective landscape management requires strong leadership from multiple individuals and organizations, as well as individuals and organizations who can bring these diverse actors together and help them work toward a shared vision. In this Practical Guide, we use the term “landscape convener” to describe this role, which can be played by leaders in the private sector, government, and/or civil society. The primary audience for this Practical Guide is these landscape conveners.
The guide will inform the strategy these landscape leaders are developing to plan, implement and monitor the actions of multi-stakeholder landscape partnerships and coalitions. It explicitly touches upon some of the tricky challenges, like addressing stakeholders’ different perspectives about the landscape, coordinating action at multiple scales, and aligning business motivations with those of other stakeholders. 

EcoAgriculture Partners
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Thursday, 30 March 2017
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Sustainable land use
Forest conservation and management
Forest landscape restoration
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