Restoring the Earth - The Next Decade

Document Summary: 

This edition of Unasylva presents a wide range of lessons learned and opportunities for scaling up FLR to achieve national and international commitments and provides a comprehensive view of the status of and prospects for FLR. The first four articles describe new initiatives and flagship restoration programmes to increase funding, empower local stakeholders and enhance technical assistance for FLR. The following five articles present innovative technical approaches to increase FLR adoption. These have enormous potential to be mainstreamed because of their cost-effectiveness, adaptability, applicability to many ecosystems and contexts, and ease of implementation. The final five articles focus on factors that underpin the implementation of FLR and provides details on the coordination, policy environment, resources, knowledge and capacities needed to enable a global movement.

All these articles demonstrate that progress is being made. Importantly, they also outline the work now needed to scale up
efforts ā€“ nationally, regionally and globally ā€“ to greatly increase the restoration of degraded forests and landscapes by 2030.

Publication Date
Wednesday, 30 December 2020
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Forest landscape restoration
Forest conservation and management
Good practices and lessons learned