Scaling Partnerships for Investment in Sustainable Food Systems, Forests, and Nature: Insights from a series of case studies


The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), as a founding partner of the GFFN and the secretariat of the Forest Investor Club (FIC), has developed a set of case studies through desktop research and key expert interviews to showcase examples of innovative investment strategies that are directing private capital towards sustainable food systems, forests, and nature.

This summary brief gives recommendations for scaling investment partnerships, including for the GFFN’s Co-Investment Platform, based on the learning from the case studies.

The research and key expert interviews conducted for these case studies has highlighted a clear need for initiatives with extensive networks and robust convening power to accelerate the development of innovative investment partnerships in the sustainable food and land use systems space. Initiatives featured in this report, such as the Good Food Finance Network and the Forest Investor Club, can help increase access to catalytic capital and pipeline, share knowledge and tools on nature markets, and provide strategic guidance on prioritizing positive equity, climate, nature, and nutrition security action in corporate and private investors’ operations.

Publication Date
Tuesday, 27 June 2023
Applicable location
Private sector and industry
Sustainable land use
Financing policies and mechanisms
Good practices and lessons learned