Banyan Tree Global Foundation


Organizational profile:

Established in 2009, Banyan Tree Global Foundation (BTGF) is an associate of Banyan Tree Holdings Limited. As the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of the group, it provides in-house CSR consultancy services to Banyan Tree Holdings. The Company’s triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental success helps direct sustainable development by inspiring associates, guests and partners to take a wider consideration encompassing a long-term view when making business decisions.

Banyan Group’s ecosystem of greater good is centered on the belief that their business is a vehicle for societal betterment and transformation. The group strives to catalyze positive ripple effects that extend their support to more partners seeking to create positive, sustainable change. To this end, BTGF introduced their Greater Good Grant scheme in 2020, to provide funding for community and environment projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Two of the six focal areas that BTGF Greater Good Grant funds are:

  • Biodiversity & Conservation: improve understanding, conservation and management of species and habitats.
  • Climate change & Resilience: elucidate global change and develop resilience in natural and human systems.


Financing Instrument: Grants


Project scale: Grants for up to US$10,000.


Recipient countries regions/country groups:
Thailand, Mexico, Maldives, Bahamas, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Vietnam


Recipient categories: NGOs


Eligibility Criteria:
All projects should be innovative and impactful, aligned with one or more of BTGF’s six focal areas, and conducted within countries where Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts operate. Projects are not currently accepted in India. Projects will not be considered outside this geographic restriction, requests will not be negotiated or responded. And, BTGF is currently not funding projects in China.

Organization affiliation is required to receive and administer the grant, grants will not be paid to personal bank accounts. NGO’s and international NGOs must demonstrate registration to operate in project county(s). At this time, BTGF will not consider grant requests from government representatives; but they may be included as project partners to ensure project success.

Before applying, an applicant should meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Principle Investigators over the age of 18 at any level who have suitable skills and demonstrated experience are welcome to apply.
  • Local collaboration is required if the project is outside of the investigators’ home country.
  • The Principle Investigator may only be the recipient of a single grant at a time, but an organization may have multiple projects if led by different investigators. Existing project recipients must have submitted their final report before being eligible for another grant.
  • The individual responsible for carrying out the project must apply and write the application: others may not submit it in the name of the Principle Investigator. Individuals are required to consult a tax professional should taxes apply.
  • Their project will start within 6 months from the application submission deadline, and be completed within twelve months of fund issuance.
  • Their project has additional approved funding if the grant does not cover all planned costs.
  • Projects must have a demonstrated need and urgency, should leverage local, regional and national partnerships necessary to deliver measurable impact, and shall be scalable with a clear evaluation of success.


Application guidelines:

  • Generally, the BTGF funding call opens in June every year. The submission deadline is midnight Singapore time on 30th September for project fund release in January the following year. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • To apply, please download the BTGF GGG Application form and BTGF GGG Application data and budget form on the BTGF website and submit the completed proposal form along with all supporting documentation.
  • Applicants shall be informed of the acceptance of their submission after the submission deadline.
  • Proposals shall be evaluated on merit and scored against a rubric based on suitability and alignment, capacity to implement, risk and finance.
  • BTGF Executive Committee shall review scores, with BTGF leadership making the final award decision.
  • Successful projects require the applicant to submit relevant paperwork before funds are released. Funds are expected to be released 3 months after the submission deadline.
  • Unsuccessful projects will not receive feedback due to the volume of applications, and resubmission will not be considered unless invited by a BTGF officer.
  • A BTGF administrator and local Banyan Tree contact shall be assigned to each project.
  • Upon completion, all projects are required to submit a detailed report.
Publication Date
Thursday, 31 March 2022
Applicable location
Bahamas (the)
Saudi Arabia
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (the)
Viet Nam
Forest conservation and management
Forest landscape restoration
Climate change
Biodiversity conservation
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