Partners & Other databases on forest financing


The development of the GFFFN Clearing House is being done in full partnerships with relevant international organizations and information/data providers and relevant information owners. This is an essential element to avoid duplication and ensure the efficiency of the Clearing House.

  • The Collaborative Partnership on Forests is an informal, voluntary arrangement among 15 international organizations and secretariats with substantial programmes on forests. These agencies share their experiences and build on them to produce new benefits for their respective constituencies. They collaborate to streamline and align their work and to find ways of improving forest management and conservation and the production and trade of forest products. The CPF established the Joint Initiative on the Forest Financing Facilitation in 2015 and further strengthened this Initiative in 2020 to support the development of the Clearing House. The CPF Joint Initiative aims to support the Clearing House by sharing data and information on forest financing from all sources.
  • IATI - the International Aid Transparency Initiative - works to ensure that good quality information on development and humanitarian resources is available and used to help achieve sustainable development outcomes. Organisations contributing to IATI publish information according to the rules and guidance set out in the IATI Standard, generating data that is freely and openly available to anybody with internet access. To date, contributing organisations have published IATI data on the financing of over one million development and humanitarian projects (referred to as ‘activities’), together with information on implementation and results of these activities where available. IATI data is published and regularly updated by more than 1200 donor governments, multilateral institutions, private sector and civil society organisations, and others.




The GFFFN Clearing House draws on the publicly available information from various sources of data related to financing, development or environmental issues. Some of these publicly available information sources that could be useful for users of the Clearing House include:


Data on existing activities related to forestry development, research and financing published openly by various organisations on IATI’s data portal provides opportunities for improved coordination, collaboration and partnerships with others engaged in similar or complementary activities. Users can access IATI data on forest related financing and activities through a simple search of its main public search portal, d-portal in the following ways: 

  • Using the ‘Sector’ filter, select ‘forestry development’ and/or ‘forestry research’
  • Using the free text search box to search for ‘forestry’ or other related terms.

For more detailed searches and complex data analysis across the entire range of IATI data, the IATI Datastore API and Query Builder are also available and recommended for technical users with some knowledge of the IATI Standard, who can search for forestry-related financing on activities using the sector and free text filters. For further guidance on how to use the tool you can see the Datastore Query Builder User Guide.


The NDC Partnership’s Knowledge Portal helps countries to accelerate climate action by providing quick and easy access to data, tools, guidance, good practice, and funding opportunities. Whether you are interested in reducing emissions or adapting to the impacts of climate change, the Knowledge Portal draws together the most relevant resources from partners and other leading institutions. Sustainable forest management is an important contributor to climate action, therefore some of the information in this knowledge portal is also applicable to forests. 

The Knowledge Portal is comprised of three modules: the Good Practice Database, the Climate Toolbox, and the Climate Finance Explorer.

  • The Good Practice Database provides a searchable repository of good practices and lessons learned from countries that have overcome obstacles and where climate action is being effectively designed and implemented.
  • The Climate Toolbox draws together tools, guidance, platforms, and advisory support from leading institutions in a searchable database to help countries plan and implement their NDCs.
  • The Climate Finance Explorer is a searchable database of climate funds and related financial support options for countries’ mitigation and adaptation activities.