How can I contribute information to the Clearing House?

All stakeholders are invited to share information for inclusion in the Clearing House databases.To contribute, please send an email with the name of the funding opportunity, learning material or good practice/ lesson learned and the relevant weblink to Ms. Nadine Souto at the UNFF Secretariat at nadine.souto@un.org.


What information is available on the Clearing House?

The Clearing House is a one-stop-shop for information on forest financing. It contains databases on financing opportunities, learning materials, good practices and lessons learned related to financing for sustainable forest management. 

The database on financing opportunities presents a brief overview of information related to sources of funding, including:

  • Organizational profile;
  • Financing Instrument;
  • Project scale;
  • Recipient countries/ regions/ country groups;
  • Eligibility Criteria; and
  • Application guidelines.

The database on learning materials features guides, tutorials, courses, training resources and other publications which provide knowledge and improve the capacities of practitioners. These learning materials mainly help to:

  • develop a better understanding of the different sources of financing for forests and to identify the types of financing that are applicable to their context;
  • build skills, expertise or capabilities to apply and/or access the funding opportunities;
  • acquire general knowledge on forest financing that is beneficial for them to access funding for forests.

The database on good practices and lessons learned contains case studies, policy briefs and publications which provide a broader range of practical examples and experiences on how to secure financing for forests.

Finally, the upcoming section on forest financing flows will compile data and produce analysis on financing from public domestic, public international, private domestic and private international sources, including philanthropic organizations.


How do I use this website?

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