Climate and Land Use Alliance


Organizational profile: The Climate and Land Use Alliance is a collaborative of foundations that believe forests and sustainable land use are an essential part of the global response to climate change. The Climate and Land Use Alliance seeks to realize the potential of forests and land use to mitigate climate change, benefit people, and protect the environment. By bringing together the foundations' resources and diverse expertise, the Alliance seeks to promote viable solutions and mobilize greater funding to conserve forests and more sustainably use land—for the benefit of people and the planet. 
Working across borders and sectors, the Climate and Land Use Alliance supports policies, practices, and partnerships that halt and reverse forest loss, advance sustainable land use and development, and secure the rights and livelihoods of indigenous and forest communities. To this end, the Alliance makes high-impact grants to innovative projects at the global level and across forested regions, primarily focused on Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, and Central America. Informed by the experiences of their grantee partners, the Alliance also works to advise and convene a growing network of public and private sector allies to galvanize the international community to action to conserve and more sustainably use forests and lands. Their grantmaking is linked by cross-cutting support for the areas which include:

  • Effective Land Use Policy and Finance
  • Deforestation- and Conflict-Free Agricultural Commodities
  • Awareness of Forests and Lands as Climate Solutions
  • Natural Carbon Capture (To contribute substantially to maintain and increase the role of forest carbon sinks, while ensuring forests retain economic, ecosystem, cultural, and other values for local communities through support to accredited academic institutions for bona fide academic and scientific research, or through support to projects in countries outside the United States.)

Financing Instruments: Grants
Project scale: Norway’s International Climate and Forests Initiative provides funding to the Climate and Land Use Alliance’s 2018-2022 strategy to a maximum of NOK 300,000,000 (USD 33,735,021). The scale of projects financed by the Alliance is not clear. 

Recipient countries regions/country groups: Global (with a focus on Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and Central America)

Recipient categories: NGOs, Governments, Businesses

Eligibility Criteria: Not available on the official website of the Climate and Land Use Alliance.

Application guidelines: The Climate and Land Use Alliance does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Instead, they work closely with their partner foundations to identify funding opportunities that create impact.  Please contact the Alliance directly for further information.

Publication Date
Thursday, 26 January 2023
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