Organizational profile:
FAMAE is an independent family foundation that supports innovation in the field of environment. The foundation organizes every year an International Challenge to help inventors to create simple and innovative solutions that can substantially improve our daily lives, while significantly alleviating environmental footprints.

FAMAE Challenge Grant has different themes each year. In 2021, the Sustainable Innovation Challenge supported innovative and concrete solutions to fight against climate change, everywhere in the world, around waste, water, food, habitat, energy and mobility. In 2020, the Food for Good Challenge supported to develop an innovative and concrete solution from field to fork to deliver fair, sustainable & healthy food, for everybody, everywhere.


Financing Instruments: Grants


Project scale: The project scale of the competition varies from year to year. For example, in the 2021 Sustainable Innovations Challenge, a total of €1,000,000 prize money was in place to reward one or more projects.


Recipient countries regions/country groups: Global


Recipient categories:
The Competition is open to any legal person, a university, a governmental/regional / local organization, a for-profit organization (limited liability company, partnership ...) or a not-for-profit organization (foundation, NGO, association ...).


Eligibility Criteria: 
Neither FAMAE Team members nor Jury members are permitted to participate either directly or indirectly with any Candidate submitting a Project; any such participation will disqualify the related Application.


Application guidelines:
The data required for the Application are simple to make the Competition accessible to anybody. It includes information related to the Candidate, for example, team leader name (who is the point of contact for the Sponsor), other team members’ names, email addresses, country/region, status (i.e student, startup, NGO ...). It includes simple information related to the Project, for example, name, title, short description, image or photo or blueprint, Project Presentation memorandum. The Applicant may include additional information: a link to a relevant website or social network page, video.

FAMAE, the Sponsor Team, and the Jury will select a list of 100 Projects from all the applications received. The Candidates whose projects have been chosen after the Selection will interact with the Sponsor Team and the Jury through online or offline Q&A sessions. Candidates acknowledge that reference checks may be carried out by the Sponsor if necessary. Additional data will be required including a detailed blueprint of the proposed product/service, business plan, costing analysis, biographies of the Candidate’s team members detailing their experience relevant to the Project.

The Nominees may be invited to present their Project during the final of the competition, which will bring together FAMAE, the Jury of the competition, the Sponsor Team and the FAMAE ecosystem, composed of investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, local authorities, etc. The Jury will select the winners of the competition at the end of this event.

For more information, contact contact@famae.earth

Publication Date
Friday, 01 April 2022
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Forest conservation and management
Forest landscape restoration
Climate change
Biodiversity conservation
Financing opportunities