Financing Land Use Mitigation: A Practical Guide for Decision Makers


The purpose of this report is to define the different categories of activities that parties take to reduce emissions and promote sustainable land use, and then to connect them to the types of financial instruments and sources of funds that can be tapped to enable the activity. The target audience for the Report includes: (i) policy-makers at the national and regional level who need to understand and facilitate the connection between the emission reducing activities that require finance and the instruments and sources of funds that can provide it, and (ii) land managers who are seeking finance for specific activities they are trying to implement. The Report distills the many potential relevant activities, instruments and sources into practical guidance so that both of these audiences can make well-informed decisions to effectively reduce forest emissions and promote sustainable land use and economic development. 

Winrock International & Climate Focus
Publication Date
Wednesday, 01 July 2015
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Sustainable land use
Climate change
Forest conservation and management
Financing policies and mechanisms
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