Global Greengrants Fund


Organizational profile:
Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) is a charitable foundation that catalyzes grassroots-level solutions by putting resources directly in the hands of the best stewards of our environment— local people. GGF lets local people take the lead and trusts local people to advance solutions and strategies that will best fit their needs, providing them with the resources to make their ideas a reality. Projects that GGF has supported include the stewardship in the Kahuzi Biega Forest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, reforestation in Zimbabwe, etc. Every day, GGF’s global network of people on the frontlines and donors comes together to support communities to protect their ways of life and our planet. Because when local people have a say in the health of their food, water, and resources, they are forces for change.

In terms of grant-making, GGF relies on a network of more than 120 volunteer advisors around the world who identify prospective grantees. As a result, GGF is able to work in some of the most remote corners of the world, with groups and individuals who lack access to money through other means. For at least 40 percent of GGF’s grantees, Global Greengrants Fund is their very first funder. Since 1993, GGF has made more than 14,000 grants worth more than $100 million in 168 countries.


Financing Instrument: Grants


Project scale:
Grants can range from $5,000 to $345,000, according to GGF’s 2019 Fiscal Year 990 Form. In 2020, $8,911,626 was awarded to 927 grants in 99 countries.


Recipient countries regions/country groups: Global


Recipient categories: NPOs


Eligibility Criteria:
GGF makes small grants in developing countries to grassroots groups and other non-profit organizations working to protect the environment, live sustainably, preserve biodiversity, and help people gain a voice in their own future. Grants go to startup groups and projects where a small amount of money can make a significant difference.


Application guidelines:
The grant-making process includes soliciting funding requests, evaluating the requests, and awarding the grants. GGF receives recommendations for grant recipients from a network of volunteer advisors overseas. Then, prospective grant recipients submit their applications which include a 501(c)(3) equivalency form to GGF. Due diligence work is performed before approving each grant.

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Monday, 28 March 2022
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