International Community Foundation (ICF)


Organizational profile:
The International Community Foundation (ICF) is the nonprofit foundation of choice for U.S. donors who are passionate about protecting the environment and improving the quality of life in Baja California and Latin America. ICF supports environmental, education, health and human services initiatives that change lives for the better. Since 1990 ICF has granted over $88 million to support important work in the Baja/Sea of Cortez Region and elsewhere. Also, 348,000 acres designated protected habitats have been benefited from ICF’s work.

ICF has been involved in terrestrial and habitat protection projects over the past 15 years in the Gulf of California, Meso-American Reef and the Eastern Pacific Tropics. ICF will continue to focus on high-priority sites in terrestrial areas of high biodiversity and native species to protect and conserve the ecological integrity of Mexico and Latin America. ICF will continue their work in 1) Increasing access to clean, potable, safe, and recreational water for all communities and marine life; 2) Restoring and Stewarding the sustainable management of the biodiversity of wildlands; 3) Strengthening meaningful involvement of communities in the development & implementation of environmental laws, regulations, zoning and policies. 


Financing Instruments: Grants


Project scale: In FY2018, ICF contributed over $5.41 million in support of environmental programs, including water quality monitoring, marine conservation and habitat conservation initiatives. The scale of individual projects may range from $110,000 to $750,000.


Recipient countries regions/country groups: Mexico, Latin America, USA


Recipient categories: GOV, NGOs, Individuals

Eligibility Criteria: N/A


Application guidelines:
ICF grantees are typically identified by ICF’s donor advisors, who make grant recommendations, or by ICF’s partners who have “friends of” funds with ICF. As a public foundation, ICF has limited discretionary funds to distribute to its grantees. For these reasons, ICF does not accept unsolicited nonprofit grant proposals.

However, if grant-seekers would like to be invited to submit a grant proposal, contact ICF’s Fund Manager at

Publication Date
Friday, 01 April 2022
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Climate change
Forest landscape restoration
Forest conservation and management
Biodiversity conservation
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