The State of the World's Forests (SOFO) 2022

Document Summary: 

The 2022 edition of The State of the World’s Forests explores the potential of three forest pathways for achieving green recovery and tackling environmental crises, including climate change and biodiversity loss against the backdrop of the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use and the pledge of 140 countries to eliminate forest loss by 2030 and to support restoration and sustainable production and consumption.

The report featured a chapter on Viable Options for Scaling up Investment in the Forest Pathways. The chapter highlighted:

  • Forest investment is well below what is required.
  • All sources of funding – domestic government, private, and official development assistance – will need to be tapped, and new approaches are emerging.
  • Redirecting socially and environmentally harmful support, and improving the regulatory environment, could release considerable funding for the forest pathways.
  • Getting finance to small-scale producers will be essential for implementing the pathways.
Publication Date
Monday, 02 May 2022
Sustainable land use
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