Stiftung Artenschutz


Organizational profile:
Stiftung Artenschutz (SA) is a joint initiative of zoological gardens, animal parks and nature conservation organizations. SA works together with zoos, animal parks and conservation NGOs to save highly threatened wildlife species from extinction, and to protect their genetic diversity and ecosystems. The focus of the work is thus on the in-situ protection of species and their habitats. SA’s mission is:

  • To support projects that aim toward the long-term protection and conservation of threatened wildlife species and their habitats
  • To use the unique expertise of zoos and other partners to enhance conservation projects
  • To widely communicate the conservation work of Stiftung Artenschutz and its partners

 The activities of Stiftung Artenschutz in principle support the implementation of Strategic Goal C of the Convention on Biological Diversity ("To improve the status of biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystems, species and genetic diversity“). SA’s two funding schemes include a special funding pot for the conservation of amphibians, the "Amphibian Conservation Fund", and a Small Grants Programme open for all animal species and conservation activities. The Small Grants programme only supports projects that can demonstrate a positive effect on the conservation situation of threatened species. There is currently no thematic focus of the grant. The targeted species are threatened species of the categories Critically Endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. Other categories are possible if there is a demonstrable reason for concern or if surveys are necessary to clarify the conservation status of Data Deficient or Not Evaluated species.


Financing Instrument: Grants


Project scale: The requested funding amount should not exceed 5,000 EUR. The decision committee reserves the right to approve proportional funding.


Recipient countries regions/country groups: Global, except US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia


Recipient categories: ALL


Eligibility Criteria:
Activities eligible for funding, e.g.

  • Direct conservation measures
  • Nature and species conservation management
  • Habitat protection measures
  • Scientific research with direct conservation relevance
  • Local capacity building, education components and public awareness activities in relation to the aforementioned activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation within the project’s context

Costs eligible for funding
All costs which are directly related to the implementation of the project (equipment, transportation, staff costs etc.) are eligible for funding. Project core costs (running personnel costs, office costs, overheads etc.) must be appropriate in comparison to the total project costs.
Not eligible for funding

  • Projects for that the financial contribution of the Small Grants Programme is negligible in respect to its the project’s conservation relevance
  • Projects where a negative effect on the local or indigenous communities are likely


Application guidelines:

  • Applicants need to fill in the Proposal Form and the Budget Form in English, in exceptions in German language. An up-to-date CV is also required. Forms need to be sent to Stiftung Artenschutz as Word documents via email (;
  • Every full proposal needs to be supplemented with a reference letter. This should be written by a person who knows the applicant and his/her project or project plans well. The letter needs to be sent directly to the Stiftung Artenschutz office by the referee. The proposal will only be reviewed once the reference letter is received.
  • A team of neutral reviewers scores the proposal, and a decision committee selects the funded projects. The applicant will be informed, signs the funding contract and receives the grant.
Publication Date
Thursday, 10 November 2022
Applicable location
Forest conservation and management
Forest landscape restoration
Biodiversity conservation
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