Wallace Global Fund


Organizational profile: 
Wallace Global Foundation (WGF) is philanthropy whose mission is to support people-powered movements to advance democracy and rights and to fight for a healthy planet. Grants are awarded to high-quality organizations with strong leadership that are catalyzing significant change in line with the Fund’s priority areas.  
One of WGF’s priority areas is to “Protect the Environment”.  

  • Priority 1. Address Climate Change - Break the Fossil Fuel Cartel, Divest from Fossil Fuel, Invest in Climate Solutions and End Dirty Energy Subsidies. 
  • Priority 2. Empower Democratic Movement for Action on Climate - Build Local Community Power to Confront Corporate Dominance (fracking, tar sands, etc.) 
  • Priority 3. Recognize Rights of Nature and New Environmental Human Rights - Confront deep anti-environment bias in our legal and political system; Frame new rights of individuals, such as access to water and protection for public health 

And, grantees of WGF include Rainforest Action Network, Rainforest Foundation, etc. 
Financing Instrument: Grants 
Project scale: N/A 
Recipient countries regions/country groups: Global 
Recipient categories: NGOs 
Eligibility Criteria: 
WGF supports activities and movements that are global or national in scope. They will consider significant local or regional initiatives with the potential to leverage broader national or global impact. Proposals can be for either core or project-specific support. 
WGF does not fund the purchase of land, capital construction, profit-making businesses, debt reduction, endowment campaigns, fundraising drives/events, scholarships, tuition assistance or other forms of personal financial aid. 
Applicants based in the United States must be registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. Applicants based outside the United States must show 501(c)(3) equivalency under U.S. law and, if invited to submit a proposal, will be asked to sign an affidavit stating this equivalency. Potential grantees without 501(c)(3) status will be asked for further documentation regarding the charitable purpose of the activity. 
Application guidelines: 
All applicants must submit a letter of inquiry of no more than two pages briefly describing the mission and history of the applying organization, goals of the initiative(s), specific objectives, and accompanying strategies. The letter must also state the organization’s current annual operating budget and primary sources of income. Applicants based in the United States must also include as appendices the IRS 501(c)(3) documentation letter and a copy of the most recent IRS Form 990.
Apply on WGF official website.

Publication Date
Sunday, 27 March 2022
Applicable location
Climate change
Forest conservation and management
Forest landscape restoration
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