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The Global Forest Financing Facilitation Network

About the GFFFN

The lack of adequate financing has been a major constraint in achieving sustainable forest management (SFM) and in unlocking the full potential of forests in contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This has been particularly true for developing countries and countries with economies in transition. 

To address this issue, in 2015, the UN Forum on Forests established the Global Forest Financing Facilitation Network to facilitate access to and effective use of funding for forests, to share data and best practices on forest financing and ultimately, to contribute to the achievement of the Global Forest Goals of the UN Strategic Plan for Forests 2030. To date, the Network, has worked with 35 countries, to help in the design of national forest financing strategies, to contribute to the development of project proposals for submission to funding institutions, and to provide capacity development and training to over 1,000 forestry professionals around the world.

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